We work for you

Brand managment A-Z

If you have a successful product or service that you are planning to launch on the Hungarian market, or if you would like to place this treasure in the careful hands of a truly expert team, we - with more than 20 years of experience behind us - are committed to getting the most out of it.
We'll guide it through its lifecycle from strategic planning, through import, licensing, Hungarian-language labelling and warehousing, to listing and trade delivery. And beyond, as we keep the product in constant rotation through a well-constructed marketing strategy.

Sales support

If your business needs a full or partial sales team for an ever-expanding range of activities, but you want to avoid the high costs of additional staff: contact us, we have a better solution!
In other countries, the use of "SALES SUPPORT OUTSOURCING" is common. If you don't want to have the financial means to support a full or part-function sales organisation - including their labour and equipment requirements - choose a cost-effective solution: us. We can also provide you with a telesales call centre service.

Added value: marketing

Today, a well-established sales strategy is no longer enough without effective marketing. But don't you have the time and equipment to do this? We can help you to increase the visibility of your products and attract new customers, thereby increasing the turnover of your products. Whatever sales service you choose, we can add value by putting our marketing expertise at your company's service: from strategic planning to execution.